As the tide comes in (1/?)


Summary: Phil washes up stranded on a desert island, all alone or so he thinks until a boy turns up to help him.

Genre: Angst/Fluff, Adventure.

Word Count: 2.7K

Authors note: I wrote this for the phanfic weekly challenge but I decided I was going to make it into a chapter fic

Sand. Sand is pressing against my eyelids, digging into my legs, pushing its way into my mouth, sliding between my toes. Am I drowning? Have I been trapped inside a sand timer like Jasmine? And if so, when will my Aladdin come? I scoff, I have no Aladdin. Or at least I attempt to, all I do is draw more sand into my mouth, the coarse grain grating along my tongue. It tries to run down my throat. I cough, spluttering and only ending up with more sand in my mouth. Is this what drowning feels like? With the movement comes pain, my head feels as if a spear has rammed through my brain, entering through my temple and getting lost somewhere within my vital organ. I can’t groan because my mouth is too dry so instead I just lie there, eyes squeezed shut in agony, like a clam waiting to be picked off by a seagull. I want that now, I want a bird to swoop down and take me, to let me fly before devouring me. Pain shoots through my leg. What is going on? Am I being roasted alive? Am I being experimented on? Am I being slowly chopped to pieces before being fed to a plant? Melodramatics come easy to me.

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I am super lame so I wrote a 700 word, sensual drabble on the Jonas hug, including a v jealous and sexually frustrated Phil. oops. couldn’t resist. enjoy. 

this is what I imagine happened last night after Dan’s stage hug with the honky Jonas brother ;) shameless promoting of the 15 minute drabble I wrote yesterday